Monday, February 27, 2012

One is Silver...

These photos were taken on our return from a shopping spree the other day. I splurged on a small Louis Vuitton bag as a 'justifiable' spring must-have.  As much as I love my new bag, it cannot replace this vintage, silver bag that I had dug up from my mom's closet and decided to debut for the day - there's something so comforting about rediscovering old clothing and accessories.  The dark, plummy colors of this outfit matched the feel of the day, which was overcast and chilly, and the shiny beige heels I thought pulled together the almost entirely-dark outfit, and added a touch of lightness. The jewelry is a mix of vintage and new pieces.

xx i

Sunday, February 26, 2012


These Cuccio Lyte ultra-sheer body butters were given to me as a gift, and I have since neglected all my other body lotions, of which I have many.  As soon as I rub this lotion on my skin, I can feel it immediately absorb, leaving my skin super-hydrated and subtly fragranced.  For those cold days that leave your skin feeling similar to sandpaper, this lotion never fails to soothe and restore your dull, winter skin. 

xx i

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

House of Holland Spring 2012


I am obsessed with the Spring 2012 collection by House of Holland. The amazing detailing of the collection in the form of leathery snakeskin accessories, animal spotted graphics, bleach-stained denim, mesh socks, candy-colored sheer blouses, and whimsical plaid patterns is simply delicious.  The mix of playful innocence and daring edge from this collection makes me feel as if I've stepped into some twisted dream world. The colors are kept light and fresh, giving the collection that feeling of giddiness that comes with the beginning of spring.

xx i

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Liquid Metal

We've noticed that metallic cream shadows have been a major trend this season on the runway, in shades ranging from neutral to bold.  I love how these instantly add a burst of life to any eye color, and if you're feeling uninspired this winter, shiny metallics are a sure way to light up your eyes and get you noticed.

xx i

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Risks and Rewards

The first time this bright blue shirt dress caught my eye I knew it had to be mine. It had all the classic makings of my ideal shirt- long enough to be worn as a dress, soft to the touch, with a unique detail on the collar that plunges to just the right depth to allow a silver necklace to POP. The color was the only thing stopping me from buying it the first few times I tried it on in the store, but somehow I could not bring myself to even look at the black or olive versions. At the last minute I went looking for it on my weekly visit to Urban Outfitters and to my horror there were none left in my size! When I finally managed to locate the last one on a mannequin in the store window, I knew I had to buy it right then.

When I got it home after a long day of shopping I found it hopelessly wrinkled by being smushed under a few other bags, but I couldn't wait to iron it before I wore it on a depressingly grey that cried out for some color. The red slouchy bag seemed the perfect accessory for an outfit based on bright colors. Thigh-high socks are one of my favorite alternatives to leggings on days when it's a little to cold to wear bare legs.

Anyway, I took a risk on this color and now I can't imagine my life without it!

xx j         

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Santa Monica

Just rediscovered this old lipstick I had bought a long time ago in my makeup collection. I had been looking for a new color to spice up my winter pallet of grays and blacks, and when I found this the coral color it was oddly perfect. Its nicely subtle enough to wear everyday with a hint of color to brighten my pale complexion. This color reminds me of the hue of flowers, coral, or earth found in the summery tropics, images that make me happy as I try to hibernate through our snowy winter. 
Just goes to show everything old enough can be refreshingly new sometimes. 

xx j  

Sunday, February 5, 2012


One of my most favorite fashion collection videos of all times. I felt the need to post this because the weather was so unseasonably warm today and all I felt like doing was breaking out the spring pastels, brightly colored sunglasses, and jumping into the car for a spur of the moment road trip! Too bad the fantasy, and the weather, were short lived. Back to work, and coldness, tomorrow.
Of course Prada never fails to life my spirits ANY time of the year :) Bring on the feuding housewife beauties of the 60's! Kill them with color ladies...

xx j