Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day Dreamer

I received this Stila DayDream Palette as a Valentines' Day gift, and have barely put it down since.  Stila has been one of my favorite makeup brands for years now, and I had been hearing great things about this palette, so I was not surprised to instantly fall in love.  However I had not predicted that it would become my new everyday go-to palette! This gorgeous eyeshadow palette has made me more experimental with colors, because although they appear bright, they are also very wearable, and add so much life to my eyes!  I also love love love the stain-glass/floral display of the colors!  This is a definite spring must-have.  

xx i 


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  2. Preciosa paleta !


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  4. This seems like a great find and so easy when it's all in one!

    xx Missy