Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ear Candy

This past weekend I went shopping with Justi at Urban Outfitters, and picked up some new things.  Left to my own devices this $100 shopping spree could have easily turned into a $400 one.  Luckily I followed my better judgment (that is to say my sister made me) and cut down significantly on the clothing and accessories I’d brought to the register, leaving the store with a modest sized, but much needed array of items.  I am particularly excited about the earrings I found, all of which were on sale for $4.99.  I have been obsessed lately with long, sometimes shoulder-grazing earrings, and their ability to enhance any look by instantly making me feel more glamourous and sophisticated.  The first pair I bought has long, dark feathers that hang from a gold chain, the second ivory looking tusks also on a gold chain, and the third are metal crosses which fade at the ends into long metal tassels.  I am especially excited about the cross earrings; they stand out so well against my black hair.  Thank you, Urban Outfitters, for providing me with yet another successful shopping venture!

xx i

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