Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Holiday Sparkle by Lorac

As I wound my way through the isles at Sephora, a few weeks ago, looking for some type of makeup that would look as good on my eyes as it would displayed on my makeup table, what looked like a large, silver-white jewelry box caught my eye.  When I lifted it off the shelf typically reserved for the pricier items in the store, I was struck by the shiny metallic detailing of the box, and delighted by the contents of its three, convenient shelves.  Appropriately titled Bejewled Day & Night Jewlery Box, it contains the perfect products to transform your face from daytime sweet to nighttime sultry - two detachable eyeshadow palettes each with a built in mirror, two eyeliners, two lip glosses, and a large bronzing powder.  While the box is a pricy $56, I had recently acquired a Sephora gift card for the holidays, and felt a splurge was justified. I was also comforted after reading that what I had bought for $56 was actually $415 worth of makeup, (not to mention that the highly-pigmented combination of both matte and glittered colors were just too pretty to pass up.)  If you are willing to spend a little more than you usually would for a day to night makeup set, I recommend this holiday box by Lorac.  Plus, when you use up all the makeup, it can be turned into a glamourous place to store your makeup, haha ;)

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