Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January Birchbox

I have been fascinated for some time by beauty's latest hot trend: beauty boxes. I first learned about Birchbox in a bridal magazine, as a gift for bridesmaids. For those who don't know, beauty boxes are generally all based on the same concept: you pay $10 (give or take) a month to be sent (free shipping) a box filled with all different brands of beauty goodies for your hair, skin, nails, etc. Most of the boxes available today are only sold in the UK, but Birchbox is one of the few available in the US. What makes these boxes so exciting, is that you don't know what your going to get until it arrives in the mail monthly, like a magazine subscription. You will find (as pictured above) 4-6 samples from different brands, based around a common theme (Januarys theme was "clarity"). The surprise ball of the beauty world. This was my first box, so I thought I would do a post on its contents for those who had never heard of beauty boxes, or were hesitant to try.

Overall I would say I was pretty impressed with what I received from Birchbox. The soap smells wonderful, as well as the small Juicy perfume sample. The nail polish by Zoya was a very pretty color (although more of a spring shade in my opinion), but best of all was the Stila eyeliner. The color was a beautiful dark purple, which appears almost black in low light but in the sunlight shines sparkly maroon. This is what truly makes the box worth it for me, because, as you can see on the second card included, the full size eyeliner alone goes for $20.

Hope this helps inspire others to try Birchbox out!
xx j

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